Founder & Teacher: Candace Silvers


Candace Silvers is the creator of The Silvers Healing Modality‚ĄĘ, a method she has been honing her entire life.

In this modality, the healer uses their hands as scanning devices to identify energy blocks within the client’s body and remaps their energetic state.

This non-invasive ‚Äúsurgery‚ÄĚ works on muscles, bones, neurological and spinal systems, and internal organs and is known worldwide as an energy healing modality that has the capacity to heal all ailments.¬†

Depending on the specific condition, multiple sessions may be necessary or advantageous.




Doctors and Nurses in the medical community have experienced¬†The Silvers Healing Modality‚ĄĘ¬†and opted to train¬†with Candace at¬†The Silvers Healing Academy‚ĄĘ¬†so that they can¬†utilize this healing technique in hospitals and private practices globally.


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Candace Silvers is a world-renowned Supernatural Healer sought-out by clients the world over. 


During her four-decade career as a Healer and Human Behavioral expert, Candace has gifted medical miracles! She has healed innumerable diseases, ailments, and injuries, including countless clients who the medical community now considers 'No Evidence of Disease' (N.E.D). 


Candace created The Silvers Healing Academy‚ĄĘ to train Healers around the world in The Silvers Healing Modality‚ĄĘ. It's her sacred mission to get one healer into every home.

This modality is now being practiced worldwide.

With healers currently trained in 46 Countries, on 6 Continents ‚Äď including 100 doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers ‚Äď The Silvers Healing Modality‚ĄĘ is now being practiced worldwide.

Please Note: Candace Silvers is the ONLY person teaching The Silvers Healing Modality‚ĄĘ. It has come to our attention that there are several people attempting to impersonate her and train students in this modality. We are saddened by the lack of integrity, however it only reinforces our drive and determination to serve with our entire heart and to teach this modality to as many people as possible. Love always wins.


become a healer


The Next Round Starts July 20th, 2024!

This class is open to anyone who desires to be a healer using The Silvers Healing Modality.¬†Healers have been¬†trained in 47 Countries, on 6 Continents‚Äď including 100 doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers.

  • All graduates are able to give healings immediately after receiving their Level 1 Initiation (6 weeks) from Candace.¬†
  • This healing modality works in-person, as well as remotely via Zoom and pictures.

During this training, you will find yourself constantly and consistently learning and developing new tools. To help guide you through this process, Candace includes one year of additional classes with your training.

Elective study (Levels 2-6) is available for those who would like to further their healing practice. Journey with Candace to Bali, Peru and Austin on a life-changing Retreat.

We are now offering payment plans and pay in full bonuses!! 



What's Included In Level One?

In addition to a Lifetime Membership into The Silvers Healing Academy & a Community of Kind-Hearted Healers Around World, you will receive;

Healing Academy Training

For your first six weeks inside of The Academy, you will meet with Candace for a 3-hour training every week. At the end of the six week training academy, you will receive an Initiation and will have the ability to provide healings with The Silvers Healing Modality. All Level One training events are held on Zoom. 

Human Behavioral Classes

Attend 12 consecutive weeks of Candace's Human Behavioral Classes. These classes help you to recognize the thought and emotional-based patterns that are getting in your way, preventing clarity and forward-movement in your life. With this new awareness, your healing strength will grow exponentially.

The Foundation Intensive

During this 3 Day Workshop, you are gifted¬†the tools to access any and all manifestation. Once you understand the equations of causation ‚Äď how to bring anything into existence ‚Äď this healing energy will become available and accessible to you.

Practicum, Q&A & Fire Up Classes

To help guide you through the process of becoming a Healer, Candace includes one year of additional classes with your training. All Silvers Modality Healers are invited to ‚Äėfire-up‚Äô with Candace on Zoom Monday through Friday and attend monthly classes online.¬†


Want to know if the Academy is right for you? 




Join a Complimentary Consultation with Candace. 


During this Consultation on Zoom, Candace will review the course curriculum and answer any questions you have related to Level 1 of The Academy. 


I'm Candace Silvers

An energy healer and human behavior expert. I'm thrilled to introduce you to the realm of energy medicine. For over thirty years, I've dedicated myself to healing and have witnessed the extraordinary power it has to transform lives. It is a role I embrace with deep commitment and joy.  

Whether you are here out of curiosity, a desire for knowledge, or in search of healing, I hope that you will find inspiration and, perhaps, experience a personal transformation. As it is my belief that every home deserves a healer, perhaps, today, you’ll take the first steps towards becoming one too.

The journey into energy medicine begins now, and I am honored to guide and support you along this path.

Thank you Candace. Thank you for creating these spaces for us to dive in, to play, to learn, to develop, to deepen and to connect. My heart is so grateful for yet another absolutely transformational retreat.

- Tressa T: Level 2 Silvers Modality Healer

I am definitely in a different place than I was one year ago when I was calling you frustrated with my life, but wanting to be a part of your beautiful community. I credit my time with you Candace and doing the daily practice with the strength and courage I have today.

-Trish B: Level 2 Silvers Modality Healer

Thank you Candace Silvers for Teaching, Leading, and Loving every single person that steps in. I would not have the brilliant Life I have without You, the Human Behavioral lessons, and this modality. Forever grateful.

- Dana C: Level 3 Silvers Modality Healer