Doctors and Nurses in the medical community have experienced¬†The Silvers Healing Modality‚ĄĘ¬†and opted to train¬†with Candace at¬†The Silvers Healing Academy‚ĄĘ¬†so that they can¬†utilize this healing technique in hospitals and private practices globally.

Candace is "challenging the limitations of conventional medical approaches"


Enjoy this heartfelt testimonial from Dr. Troy Cashatt, an ER Doctor with over 30 years experience!


"The week-long healing retreat with Candace Silvers demonstrated the incredible potential of holistic healing practices in promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

The stories of healing and transformation, including the young woman's relief from back pain and sensory issues, the middle-aged woman's reversal of peripheral vascular disease, and my profound gastric distress healing, showcased the power of these integrated healing modalities.

Through energy healing, mindfulness practices and emotional healing, individuals experienced remarkable improvements, challenging the limitations of conventional medical approaches.

This retreat served as a testament to the transformative effects of holistic healing, inspiring hope for those seeking alternative paths to wellness and offering a reminder of the intricate interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit."


Dr. Troy Cashatt: ER Doctor for 30+ Years, Yale Graduate.

and another beautiful testimony from Patricia Cardona,

Nurse Practitioner for over 30 years


'She's Got Some Magic'

This Osteopathic Physician describes how he measured his pain in just one healing session with Candace and was amazed that the pain had completely disappeared! Now he brings his own patients to see her! 


Dana C, Nurse Practitioner in Canada and Level 3, Silvers Modality Healer.

"Thank you Candace Silvers for Teaching, Leading and Loving every single person that steps in. I would not have the brilliant Life I have without You, the Human Behavioral lessons, and this modality. Forever grateful." 


Dr. Daniel Cardona, Practicing Psychiatrist for 35 Years and Level 4, Silvers Modality Healer.

"Level 3 and 4 Training and Retreat in Bali: Candace Silvers transmits the next level of Healing Energy to each student during our Initiation. The deeply profound feeling of this energy transmission will compel us to deepen our commitment to service as we take our healing practices to a more powerful level."


Mary D, Registered Nurse and Level 4, Silvers Modality Healer

"I can not thank Candace properly, I can not repay her for what she's passed on to me and my fellow healers. I can pay it forward, it is my duty to do so. I am excited to combine the different healing modalities I have learned (energy, spiritual, and traditional western) into my career as a Nurse, There's no turning back."


You Are Not Beyond Healing.

Dr. Troy Cashatt, MD, Emergency Medicine Specialist shares how his vision improved by 85% with healings from Candace, while his specialists were telling him nothing could be done. 


I'm Candace Silvers

An energy healer and human behavior expert. I'm thrilled to introduce you to the realm of energy medicine. For over thirty years, I've dedicated myself to healing and have witnessed the extraordinary power it has to transform lives. It is a role I embrace with deep commitment and joy.  

Whether you are here out of curiosity, a desire for knowledge, or in search of healing, I hope that you will find inspiration and, perhaps, experience a personal transformation. As it is my belief that every home deserves a healer, perhaps, today, you’ll take the first steps towards becoming one too.

The journey into energy medicine begins now, and I am honored to guide and support you along this path.

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