A Beautiful Testimony:

 "I was watching a literal miracle before my eyes" 


"My name is Sherrie Gross (RN / BSN).  I was rooming with [name has been removed for privacy] at the retreat.  When I met her for the first time she was pale and cachexic-looking.  She was very intolerant to cold with no energy and could not eat anything.  The first time she showed me her feet were blue, cold, with pitting edema up the knees, with weak pulses, and she had very limited blood flow to her toes bilaterally.  


After her first healing with Candace I saw a dramatic improvement in her circulation.  That night I had to look at her feet again because I was so amazed at what I witnessed during the healing.  Her toes were still pink and I could not believe it.  


As the retreat went on, she had another healing, and on the 26th, I did another assessment of her feet and her capillary refill was almost normal!!  Her toes continued to be pink throughout the whole retreat.  Her edema improved!!  The color came back to her face!! She was not only eating more food, but eating foods that she normally was not able to eat!  Her energy increased and she literally looked like a different person.  


I was amazed to see her transformation daily as I was her roommate.  I was watching a literal miracle before my eyes.  With all my medical training I knew the return of circulation was not possible, but I was seeing it with my own eyes and reassessing her daily!!  And she continued to improve!! I have never seen that in my life!!"


- Sherrie Gross, Registered Nurse




September 18-24, 2024

Austin TX

What to Expect in Level 2

  • Daily hands-on healing practices with Candace
  • Becoming a vessel – instead of a Who Am I – putting your Human Behavioral work into practice, creating more heat and depth to your modality
  • How to become facile with the healing of each body part
  • Learning a new chant: how to manifest
  • Learning feng shui, how to create a deeper connection and vibration so that your modality becomes even stronger
  • Human Behavior as it pertains to how to: see where the ailments are. As the mind is at rest, the connection and awareness are elevated
  • Initiation in the Third Eye
  • Graduation Ceremony with Sacred Flower Bath
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Jan 20-26, 2024

(SOLD OUT - inquire about waitlist)


June 6-12, 2024

What to Expect in Level 3

  • Intensive study of each Dewa
  • The next level of hands-on healing practice: Learning to use your mind as a steering wheel, as opposed to a thought-thinker, allowing you to get deeper into the human body.
  • Learning to travel the energy internal: through the body
  • Learning a new chant: calming, for emotion
  • Human Behavior as it pertains to: How to see where the ailments are. As the mind is at rest, the connection and awareness is elevated.
  • Initiation into your organs
  • Graduation Ceremony with Sacred Flower Bath
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July 11-17, 2024

Austin TX

What to Expect in Level 4

  • Intensive study of the Dewas and Dewis.
  • The study of the Ongkara.
  • The study of the AUM, cleansing the body.
  • How to: Learning to do Energetic Surgeries in the body.
  • Your own personal Human Behavior and how it keeps you from the depth and dive of beyond what you know, allowing you to surrender every thought for the attention that is calling your intention.
  • Learning to ‘hyper’-focus at an entirely other level. As you practice Energetic Surgeries – and they begin to make sense – working in a completely different dimension.
  • Initiation of sacred Ongkara.
  • Graduation Ceremony with Sacred Flower Bath 
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MARCH 14-17, 2024

only one spot left

Austin TX


SEPT 5-8, 2024

Austin TX 

Get in the weight room of your life – The Austin Retreat is an opportunity to grow some serious muscles around whatever it is you’ve come to work on. Whether it’s relationship, career, family, finance or health, you know where you want to see growth.

You will tackle the obstacles keeping you from success head-on, with daily Human Behavioral classes with guidance and insight from Candace. This is your opportunity to work with a Human Behavioral expert, as Candace gives you tools to unlock your next step in success.

Each student on The Austin Retreat will receive a full-body healing session. Whether you’re unlocking your potential in a group class or healing your body during a healing session, Candace will guide you into a healthier, more productive life.

Everyone on Candace’s retreats become life-long friends- When you go through such a profound experience together, the bond that is created is true and deep.


*The Austin Retreat is available to all Human Behavioral students.

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2025 Dates: TBD


With Candace as your guide, you’ll dive into life-altering behavioral work and experience a culture of service unlike any you’ve ever seen. 

You’ll be playing with monkeys one moment, blasting your greatest obstacles out of the water in the next, and shedding the habits and patterns that hold you back. This is truly the adventure of a lifetime.

This retreat will journey to the sacred Island of Gede, receiving healing blessings and connecting with Gede Shakti, the Dewa of the Healer.

During this retreat, each student will receive a full-body healing session from each of the Balinese healers, as well as from Candace.

*The Bali Transformational Retreat is available to all Human Behavioral students.


I'm Candace Silvers

An energy healer and human behavior expert. I'm thrilled to introduce you to the realm of energy medicine. For over thirty years, I've dedicated myself to healing and have witnessed the extraordinary power it has to transform lives. It is a role I embrace with deep commitment and joy.  

Whether you are here out of curiosity, a desire for knowledge, or in search of healing, I hope that you will find inspiration and, perhaps, experience a personal transformation. As it is my belief that every home deserves a healer, perhaps, today, you’ll take the first steps towards becoming one too.

The journey into energy medicine begins now, and I am honored to guide and support you along this path.