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Ask yourself a simple question. Is your life everything that you want it to be? In every area? The truth for most people is that there’s something that they’d love to upgrade. Maybe you have a brilliant relationship but are having difficulty reaching your personal financial goals. Maybe money isn’t an issue, but your spouse just doesn’t get you. It could be raising your unruly teenager, or your health. Maybe you’re entering a new chapter or looking to leave unsuccessful behaviors behind. One on one coaching with Candace is where you’ll get your competitive edge.

Who can benefit from coaching? Everyone. A common misconception is that people need to have a problem to work with a coach. Elite athletes use a coach to stay sharp and push themselves to even greater heights. A youngster just starting uses a coach to learn the basics. And there’s every stage in between. Wherever you are in your life, coaching with Candace can take you to the next level.

Get results

Achieve your goals: Nothing sparks commitment, passions and energy like progress. Candace is results oriented with a focus on action.
Take your productivity to the next level: Learn to eliminate wasted time and effort. Absolutely maximize your time and energy to accommodate life’s demands.
Gain a clear sense of Direction: Get a clear sense of purpose where you feel lost. We’ve all had problems that didn’t know what to do about or where to start.
New insights: Bring a fresh perspective to your challenges.
Become Accountable to yourself: We don’t do good ideas here. We do action.

Expert Coaching

Candace has been coaching people to new levels of success for over 25 years. In that time she’s earned her reputation as one of the most skilled human behavioral experts in the country. Her system of breaking down human behavior into equations of causation has helped more than 20,000 people to pin-point where they are getting in the way of the their own success and make massive upgrades to their lives.

Unique coaching tailored to your individual needs and goals.

Create a new paradigm of effortless success.

Get the tools to cause massive upgrades and take your life to the next level.

What people are saying about studying with Candace:

I wasn’t sure I would feel anything my first time working in-person with Candace as I had only worked with her once before over Zoom. I came in with peripheral neuropathy. I did feel some sensations that were out of the ordinary as she worked. One was that my body was so relaxed - even my feet were relaxed. I do not remember the last time I felt that in my feet. She decreased the pain quite a bit and eliminated the shaking (from the pain). But when I got off the table, I couldn’t believe how much more of the floor I felt under my feet. I had so much more sensation that I did not realize I had lost. It was wonderful to feel that as it brought me a lot of hope!

Susan C.

Back at home I found myself doing rare things like cracking jokes and laughing out loud so easily. I made my husband laugh. I said to him, “Look at this! I’m not always like this!” He said, “Oh I know,” joking because he often finds me in a somber or moody place that I have a hard time getting myself out of. Thank you, Candace!

Susan C. (part 2.)

Ms. Silvers has an amazing ability to quickly “see” where our minds and thinking habits create fear and obstacles that prevent us from becoming “the hero we’ve been looking for.” In my own life, I’ve seen what I thought were problems and obstacles suddenly become doors that lead to new beginnings and opportunities for growth and fun! I recommend without reservation joining Candace Silvers in Human Behavior Life Class to experience the excitement of becoming aware of the awesome person you really are and your awesome life, which have been in front of you all along!

Daniel J. Cardona, MD

A little one got bitten by fire ants and his mother and father took him to the hospital and then contact Ms. Silvers to begin to work on his photos.
The next morning his mother happily reported back; "He’s all better! Thank you so much!

My cat Yoshi is healed!! He is back to eating and using the litter box as normal. No more UTI. No surgery or hospitalization needed. Thank you for your healings. We are grateful.
My recovery from the occipital decompression surgery has been going well since the healing. I've had improvement in the migraines that I had pre-surgery. My incision has healed very well with no complications. I have had minimal nerve pain and my recovery has been going very well! I appreciate the healing Candace did for me to help speed my recovery and I’m hopeful to keep feeling better as time progresses!

Denise T.

Hey Candace! just wanted to give you an update after our 2nd healing, I don't really know how to describe it but I feel there's more room in my breasts and it feels like it's a part of my body now, doesn't feel like a foreign object or like I'm disconnected from that part of my body anymore. Does it make sense? So yea thank you! I will be reaching out for more healings soon.

Breast Augmentation Healing Client

I’ve been a student in Candace Silvers’ Human Behavior Life Class for about six months and a practicing psychiatrist for about 30 years. In these few months I’ve seen numerous people transform their relationships, traumatic pasts, perspectives, outlook, and even their lives, some within a 20-minute session with Ms. Silvers, during the 2-hour classes. This is unheard of in the fields of psychiatry and psychology.

Daniel J. Cardona, MD (Part 2.)

Candace’s ability to unlock human behavior is beyond anything else I’ve seen. It was like she taught me something I used to know before getting cynical. I’ve applied her tools in work, life, dating–always with unprecedented success.

Sean C.

Through her guidance and training, I have received the tools to deal with life, on life’s terms. Sometimes her teaching is gentle and nurturing, other times it is bold and in your face. Rest assured it is always what is needed.

Suze Q.

I have been able to transform my life by following her guidance and teachings. I was someone who was lost and had no direction out. Today I can stand proudly and say that I have a successful job, good home, love my life, but more importantly I truly love who I am as a woman.

Sara N.