Complimentary Global Healing Event, April 14th, 2024

Join us for an afternoon of profound healing with hundreds of people from all across the globe. 

For the duration of this event, Candace will be healing every person (or animal) appearing on the screen! During this online event, all ailments can be addressed: chronic and physical pain, cancer, tumors, neuropathy, digestive disorders, and much more.

You will not only receive, but will also be observing live audience members receiving their own personal healings. Many ailments can be healed right on the spot, but the most exciting part is to actually experience the miracle as it's working!  It will melt your mind.

This is a Complimentary Healing Event. Whether you come to have a healing yourself or just to observe, this event will shift your perception to what is possible in our medical communities. You are more than welcome to attend and invite your friends.

Candace offers complimentary healing events on Zoom so attendees around the world can experience The Silvers Healing Modality™ and receive a healing.


MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Sunday April 14th, 2024.

Cost: $0


Feel free to join us 30 minutes before the healings for our Satsang, where you will be able to watch past testimonials, experiences and coaching sessions that have taken place over the last 35+ years in Candace's practice. 

Following the event, there will be a presentation with Candace for The Silvers Healing Academy  her upcoming 6-Week Healing Training Course, where you can learn to be a Healer too! 

We would love for you to join us!


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