Silvers Healing Modality

Frequently Asked Questions


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What is the Silvers Healing Modality?

The Silvers Healing Modality is Candace’s own proprietary healing method which incorporates the healing lessons and modalities she has learned over her 20+ year experience. The Healer uses their hands as scanning devices to identify energy blocks within the client’s body and remaps their energetic state.

What ailments does this modality work on?

This non-invasive “surgery” works on muscles, bones, neurological and spinal systems, and internal organs. It can be used to heal everything from physical pain to diseases like cancer, ALS, and cerebral palsy. No ailment is too small or too large for this modality to affect a change.

How soon should I expect results?

For chronic issues, 2-3 sessions may be needed to clear the ailment, however most clients experience relief from their symptoms after just one session.

What is Remote Healing?

Because not everyone is able to work with their healer in-person, there is the opportunity to experience healing from a distance. This includes online via Zoom and through pictures.

How long does a healing take?

For a one-on-one healing session, a full-body healing may take up to 15 minutes. For a live Zoom healing, the healer is able to address a specific ailment in one, 15 minute session. To treat more than one ailment, multiple 15 minute sessions can be scheduled, preferably back-to-back.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for a session?

For your healing session, please wear loose-fitting clothing (i.e. sweatpants and/or workout clothes), so that you are able to move your body comfortably. For live Zoom healings, please place your video screen in a position so you can be hands-free.

Should I let the healer know of my ailments prior to the session?

At beginning of session please let the healer know which ailment you’d like them to address. Please bring a list of the ailments you would like the healer to work on during your session. For Remote Healings, please send a list of your ailments via email.

Can I learn this modality?

As of 2022, Ms. Silvers has currently trained Healers in 24 Countries, 37 States, and 5 Provinces in Canada. To learn more about the Silvers Healing Academy, please click here.

What does a healing feel like?

Everyone experiences healings differently. Many people describe a warm, tingling or static sensation, followed by a release of pain or tension. However, some clients receive profound results even without experiencing any physical sensations.

Where did Candace learn to be a healer?

Born with a natural ability to heal others, Candace has been giving Healings since she was on the playground in kindergarten. Since then, she has studied with many teachers throughout the world. While leading International Retreats over the past 25 years, Candace has trained in such places as India, Bali, Marrakesh, Thailand and Kenya. Click here to watch the award-winning documentary about Candace studying with her teachers in Bali.

Is this modality compatible with Western medicine?

Yes. For example, Candace has worked with doctors to integrate the Silvers Healing Modality ™ into their existing medical practices. Many healing clients with terminal ailments have since received a diagnosis of N.E.D. (no evidence of disease). Due to the success of these healings, Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles created a Pilot Program to study the effects of Candace’s healings.

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